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Let's make something great together. All women want to be the most shining and the most beautiful woman on the wedding day, showing her special characteristics and temperament in front of her husband, friends and relatives. Do you want to be a star bride? Are you tired of the pure white wedding dresses that make you special? Come to First Bride and have a look!

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Hand-sewn Beadwork

We pride ourselves on the elegance and artistry of hand-sewn beadwork.

Our Mission

To offer wedding dresses with the choice of native or standard beadwork on a modern dress style.

Our Vision

My vision is to offer brides the choice of a more personalized wedding dress by giving them the opportunity to put their own creative ideas into the design of the dress.


Modern Styles

With Traditional Beading Work

Beautiful and custom wedding dress designs with beading work

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Custom Designs

Various Custom Beading Works

Different beading pattens to choose from

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Affordable Rates

Cost Effective Wedding Dresses

Stylish wedding dresses at reasonable prices

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First Bride Wedding Dresses With Traditional Beading

After completing a fashion design program and working for a native clothing designer based out of North Vancouver, I decided to create a website of my own that offers brides the beadwork/embroidery, designing and dressmaking skills I learned during my employment.

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First Bride: The most affordable and beautiful beading work

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